Li Kweng

"My confidence to build my company website has been boosted because of the information fed to me today, especially on finding correct keywords to use. I didn’t know this at all until today."

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"This is so good to me and it came at a really good time because my magazine is very content-based. There were crazy amount of information that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to apply these to everywhere from like search engine, and what goes behind in the internet world. I can use these for my great benefits. Thank you for everything."

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"I’ve learnt about digital marketing in more in depth and better understanding. I’m going to apply these to my company definitely as well as my personal blog to generate my passive income."

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You'll learn...

This 2-day hands-on program provides a step-by step guide to create and develop a profitable action plan that can be executed immediately for any individuals, start up business, company and SME by the end of the program.

Business with Purpose

Find out and understand deeply the reason why you want to unleash your internet business. If you know the “why”, nothing is going to stop you.

Blueprint for Success

Analyse your internet business the right way and creatively develop a profitable blueprint and strategies that can be executed immediately by individuals and companies.

Digital presence that sells and beyond

Develop and set up your internet business presence the fast and easy way to enhance leads conversion, increase sales generating and cultivate repeat business.

Massive traffic

Execute your internet marketing strategies and drive in traffic into your internet business presence with creative tools, tricks and techniques.

Measure for better

Implement enterprise-class web analytics to gain insights into your internet business traffic and marketing effectiveness, and to enhance marketing initiatives and create higher converting internet business presence.

Automate for more

Automate your internet business systematically while achieving more results with less time.

Chavy (Principal Trainer)

"This programme is especially designed for you to do what you love, design you lifestyle and join the new riches. I believe you can leverage on internet to receive what you need and finally give back to the world. Everyone has its unique gift to give. Let's make it a better world of tomorrow."

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